Swot Analysis of Carnival Cruise Lines

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Swot analysis of Carnival Cruise Corporation

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SWOT Analysis3
Mission Statement of Carnival Corporation8

SWOT Analysis

* Carnival is the largest and most successful international cruise line and currently has 81 vessels working worldwide. * From the beginning of the Corporation Carnival, revenues and passenger interests and participation has increased exceedingly. Carnival has not shown any signs of decline in cliental numbers and they are still an ongoing growth pattern. * Over the years Carnival has acquired many companies, like P&O Princess cruises, from different market segments of the cruise industry * In 2003, Carnival became the largest leisure travel company and made it to the top of global vacationing. * The company restored the Calypso (Jacques Yves Cousteau’s Ship) and opened it to conservation education of science and the environments. * Carnival constructed the largest “fun ship” (2002) and was they were the first to bring the “fun ship” to the Hawaiian and Alaska market. * Possible clients are able to book their cruise through travel agencies on the website or through Carnival directly. * As Carnival keeps on bringing in new ships, some clients want to return to see the new and improved models. * Carnival uses many various methods to advertise thus many possible clients are made aware of their services. * The organization makes use of many computer reservation systems like Galileo and World span. * Carnival is part of an organization that prevents pollution thus they have tanks that catches their grey water and only dispose of it while on the move in the ocean. * There is a set standard that they have to follow; this prevents unhappy clients and broken promises.


* Carnival never states that they take proper care of their HR matters and their staffs happiness and rights. * As Carnival is the leading cruise line with the largest amount of passengers, they have a large demand in cliental services and may struggle to meet all the needs and wants of the clients. * The organization only targets people looking for fun and leisure thus their target market is only a small percentage of tourists. * Carnival only targets clients that want an experience on the ocean. They do not spend a lot of their travelling time on or close to islands or land bases. * The trips are short (between 2 and 6 days) thus clients must vary the amount they pay to the amount of time they spend there. * The key executive of Carnival overseas other businesses of the company as well thus he has a lot of different responsibilities witch may lead to unfinished or rough work. * Carnival has to keep their lifecycle alive. At the moment they are doing that by bringing in new models of ships and new types of cruise liners but mostly they rely on world happenings like movies about cruise liners and this might not be enough to keep the lifecycle from dropping. * As Carnival falls into the service industry, they invest a lot on cliental services. * Even thou the organization has various ways to book a trip, they only provide opportunity for specials and promotions on their website, thus people that doesn’t have access to the internet has a disadvantaged. * The cruise lines are only open to the upper income class as it is expensive to go on cruises. * The cruise industry, including, including Carnival has shown that their verbal and written promises differs from their behaviour and practice. * As most people do not like to travel in winter this is a seasonal industry and winter months passenger numbers and income declines.


* Carnival has a dream of opening the cruise industry to people of a lower income class. At the moment they are targeting the upper to upper-middle income class. * Carnivals main targets are...
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