Carnival Cruise Lines Q2&3

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2. What specific steps has Carnival Cruise Lines taken to benefit from global social changes?
The cruise industry had undergone numbers of changes due to global social changes. Carnival Cruise Lines realized the facts and further offers cruises to every continent on the globe. Carnival at the right timing, marketed sea travel as the idea of “fun ship” vacation, which is a little less formal and luxurious than the traditional ocean liner. Having customer from all around the world brings Carnival the needs of having staffs that speaks fluent English, therefore, about third of all their crews are from the Philippine. To satisfied customers from the global, Carnival offers one or two formal nights per week; theme-based dinners centering on national cuisines; geographically pertinent themes; games, and casinos. Yet, because Carnival has cruise lines all over the world, they also sell rare merchandise from all over the globe. Indeed, art pieces are largely sold on the cruise ships. After terrorists seized a cruise in 1985, Carnival had a strict security protocol that the airline industry didn’t establish before 9/11. Carnival also avoided areas to make their passengers free from political upheaval. Carnival registered as Liberian legal entity that takes advantage of lower taxes and less stringent employment rules. In order to expand its market, Carnival cooperates with tour operators who provide almost 2,000 onshore excursions to meet global needs.

3. What are some of the national differences that affect the operations of cruise lines?
The whole cruise-line industry is international in scope. Carnival obtained flags of convenience from around 30 countries, because of the advantage of lower taxes and less stringent employment policies of those countries.

Only a few countries have shipyards capable of building cruise ships, Carnival takes ship shopping as a major event and as biggest investment. Being able to secures bids from all over the world is their major...
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