Riding the Tide of Growth- Carnival Case

Topics: Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Cruise ship Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Case 1(b): Riding the Tide of Growth- Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Corporation
Headquarters: Florida, USA Revenue: $10.9 billion (2011)
Attracts about 10 million guest annually

The emergence and growth of the cruise industry were mainly contributed by the arrival of new jet technology in 1960s. The shipment was transferred to cargo planes. Taking the advantage of this global change, in 1972 Ted Arison founded Carnival Cruise Lines with the ´´fun concept´´ and has made it become the largest cruise company nowadays. 1. Specific steps of Carnival to benefit from global societal changes * Staffing needs: Sourcing employees on a global basis and maintain employee training programs * -------------------------------------------------

Special Issue 1: How to react to the global societal changes when operating internationally? Economic recessions: Offers shorter cruises, embark from nearby ports, offers discounts while under economic prosperity: Offers longer cruises with more exotic destinations * Terrorist act : Strict security check and avoid dangerous areas * Health issues regarding virus, swine flu: Avoid infected areas and health measures

2. Carnival SWOT analysis

Special Issue 2: How to prevent or deal with the threats exist for the future performance of Carnival?

3. -------------------------------------------------
Special Issue 3: How might cruise lines increase sales to people outside the US? National differences that affect the operations of cruise lines Economics:
* Infrastructure projects such as providing road access for additional cruise options. * Governments: may choose to subsidize the ship building industry in order to secure contracts for their domestic firms. * Cruise operators are helping countries economically by improving port facilities in return of potential revenue sharing partnership. *...
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