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Topics: Meyer Werft, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Cruise ship Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: June 4, 2012
The problem for Celebrity Cruises was clear in they needed to define a clear positioning for its customers and figure out a way to keep the demand strong maintain market share and focus on specific customers in their target market. This meant Celebrity cruises had problems with their strategies and less importantly their operations. Celebrity needed to figure out a way to retain customs with different expectations within their target market whether or not they were initial cruisers, seasonal cruisers or frequent cruisers.

Situation analysis

In analyzing Celebrity’s internal macro-economic environment and the external micro-economic environment structure we will break down a fairly complex entity such as Celebrity Cruise lines to analyze their company separately from the position and performance also looking at a competitor analysis and a customer analysis.

Company Analysis
The goals and objectives of Celebrity cruise lines is to fulfill the travel industry’s need for a high quality premium cruise product at an intelligent price, the company sets out to create a new standard for the luxury market creating a sense of superior quality, grand style and attentive service they accomplish this using a number of factors including; the ships which in the late 90’s Celebrity spent $350 million dollars building Millennium class ships, the staterooms featured in the ships which sets the tone for the entire cruise experience the service staff which ties all the physical features of cruising together such as an all you can eat experience or the option for fine dining to more accommodate the upscale cruisers.

The company’s scale is what sets their position in the luxury market as Celebrity in the early 2000’s were averaging approximately 6 million passengers per year with the average cruises being of age 55 earning approximately $65,000 per year this demographic lies in the upper middle class cruiser and as such superior quality service had to be...
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