Swot Analysis

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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SWOT Analysis:
New taste, Reasonable price, Non-alcoholic
We are providing new taste to the customers which will be purely nonalcoholic. It is a complete refreshment package at a reasonable price. We being entrepreneurs try our best to provide our customers with a best quality product and a reasonable price so that they may attract towards our product. 2.Weakness:

Distribution channel
As beginners we will be facing problems with our intermediaries because merchants, agents, and brokers prefer to work mostly with popular and established brands. 3.Opportunities:
Product expansion
We have a great opportunity in this field as we can diversify our business in future by adding new flavors like mulberry, cherry etc. As our mission statement is to fulfill the expectations of our valued customers so we will be launching new tastes and products in the future that could satisfy our target customers.

First we will introduce our product in Lahore but when our business gets stable we will have an opportunity to distribute our business in other major cities as well. Market share/market expansion
There is a huge chance to increase our market share as we will be doing product expansion by launching our products in different favors and in different cities of Pakistan. This will eventually help us to gain more and more market shares and to lead the market.

As there exist a great rivalry among different brands in the market so it may be possible that established companies can launch a product similar to us. Secondly, the availability of substitutes is a threat to our com
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