Icore Strategy Report

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The Spring Sale
The Spring Sale
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TEAM #59

TEAM #59

On your side
On your side

Mission and Objectives
Mountain View Beverage Company: Mission Statement
At the Mountain View Beverage Company, we strive to be an industry leader in the soft-drink market, including fruit drinks, soda pop, ready-to-drink teas, and organic high-energy drinks. Our corporate image of being a friendly and sensible player in American business is made possible by our strong marketing program and our own bottling plants and distribution fleet. We are always attuned to the needs of local eateries, cafés, and coffee shops, as this is where we developed such a loyal customer base. As our customer base continues to grow and support us, we will be able to move our products into grocery and convenience stores. We will continue to expand our business so that our stockholders can remain pleased with our product quality and the company’s managerial vision, marketing plans, and operating efficiency. We will continue to supply our customers with beverages that are a healthy, vibrant source of drinking pleasure because at the Mountain View Beverage Company, we want to be “On Your Side” in today’s complex world. Mountain View’s High Quality Objectives

* Customer Satisfaction
* Provide the highest quality of products and services to fulfill the needs of our customers * Find innovative ways to make healthier product alternative choices * Provide a superior friendly corporate image

* To promote and inform a satisfying, healthy lifestyle

* Employee Satisfaction
* Provide a quality and challenging work environment
* Encourage both individual and group initiatives, cooperation, trust, and collaboration * Challenge individuals to be innovative
* Embrace and respect the diversity of all individuals * Shareholder Satisfaction
* Maintain high stock price growth
* Provide transparent information with shareholders
* Provide investors with a high return by acting in their best interest * Social and Environment Respect
* Uphold all values and ethical standards in business transactions * Foster integrity and honesty in all operations
* Embrace customer preferences and needs as they relate to social and environmental trends * Maintain strong relationships with customers, investors, employees, agents, and the public * Comply with all global and domestic laws, regulations, and cultures External Analysis

The world is constantly changing. In order to thrive as a company, Mountain View must look at the trends and forces that shape the business as the company moves into the future and continues to make strategic decisions. Mountain View must look at all six elements of their general environment and analyze the threats and opportunities that they are facing. Mountain View has the opportunity to explore technological change in the environment with the self-chilling can and the all-natural sweetener stevia leaf. The firm’s new product, Thrive Zero, is targeted at the young professional. The target audience is fascinated not only with the technology itself, but the content the product delivers. Mountain View will be able to gain a first mover advantage by seizing this new technology. The self-chilling can could potentially give Mountain View a competitive advantage by understanding the next generation of consumer trends. The stevia leaf has zero calories and sugar, and is 200-300 times sweeter than sucrose. Mountain View is able to change the industry competition by having a product on the market that is calorie-free, sugar-free, and still provides an “energy buzz.” Over the past twenty-five years, the Mountain View Beverage Company has established a loyal customer base. The firm has been able to capture basic information to focus on suburban youth, college...
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