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Surf Excel, launched in 1954, is one of the oldest detergent powders in India and Pakistan. Initially, the brand was positioned on the clean proposition of “washes whitest”. However, with the emergence of numerous local detergent manufacturers and the entry of other global brands, Surf Excel underwent various changes in its Brand Communication; from 'lalitaji' to 'dhoondte reh jaaoge' to 'jaise bhi daag ho, surf excel hai na', and is today communicated on the platform of 'Dhaag achcha hai'. This is in line with the global communication platform of Dirt Is Good, which is a communication strategy of Unilever for its premium detergent products, sold under various brand names; such as Omo in Brazil and Persil in UK and France. Today, Surf Excel leads the Premium Fabric Wash Category in India. Some of the other major detergent products of Unilever in India are Rin and Wheel. The latest entry into the segment is Comfort, a Fabric Conditioner. [edit] Product Range

Surf Excel products include Matic, a detergent powder designed specially for washing machines as it has a low lather formula. Quick Wash is a product that saves up to 2 buckets of water and Blue is used for Fabric and Colour Care. Surf Excel also has some specialist products like Gentle Wash, a liquid detergent, and Surf Excel Bar, a nil mineral detergent bar. NIL MINERAL BAR: In India HUL is the only company where NMB is manufactured. NMB manufacturing is different from traditional NSD bar manufacturing. It is a premium category product. The washing properties are enhanced due to no addition of any fillers. When children go out to play and get dirty, they don't just collect stains. They experience life, make friends, share with each other and learn from each other. This helps them get stronger and get ready for the world outside. A pioneer in the Indian detergent powder market, Surf Excel has constantly upgraded itself over the years, to answer the constantly changing washing needs of the Indian homemaker. Today Surf Excel offers outstanding stain removal ability on a wide range of stains. This means that mothers now have the freedom to let their kids experience life without worrying about stains. Surf Excel quick wash is powered with a path-breaking technology- it reduces water consumption and time taken for rinsing by 50%. It is a significant benefit, given the acute water scarcity in most of India. Key Facts

Surf Excel was introduced in 1959

1. India Leading Emerging Market
* Launched in 1959 & first in
* Indian detergent powder
* mkt.
* It was the first Fast Moving
* Consumer Goods (FMCG)
* for Detergent.
* brand to set up a one-stop
* shop - called Care line - for people seeking solutions to their varied laundry problems. * Surf was the first brand of detergent that was advertised on TV. It is advertise on more than 300 channels across the globe . * introduced the concept of bucket wash to housewives hitherto used to washing clothes with laundry soap bars. 5.  

6. Product management of SURF EXCEL
* Branding
* Market Segmentation
* Positioning and Differentiations strategies
* Distribution Channel
* Structure
* Strategy
* Advertising planning
* Pricing concept and S trategies
* Sales Management
* Marketing Research
8. Major Players
* HUL ( blue , Quick wash, Auto matic)
* Nirma
* P&G ( Tide,Aerial)
* Henkel India (Mir, persil, porwall, vernel, purex)
* Reckitt Benckiser ( Varnish)
9. Distribution channel
* Factors affecting demand:
* Price of the product,
* Price of substitutes and complements,
* Income of the household,
* Taste and preference of the household, and
* The amount annually spent on...
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