Personnel Information & Leave Management System

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Chapter I
This chapter includes the problems and setting of existing system of OxyChem Corporation. It gives the full description on statement of the problem, scope and delimitations, the objective of the study and design methodology used. Introduction

A large part of the growth of every company is the Human Resources department who are responsible for hiring the people with the knowledge to bring new technology into a company. It's no doubt that HR Department plays the vital role in one organization.

To achieve the goals of the company, besides hiring the right people to manage and perform specific jobs, HR department need to have a effective employee information system. It's important to build up commitment and loyalty among the workforce by keeping them up to date about company plans, and laying out the implications for job security and working conditions.

These factors lead the group to come up with the study that involves the computerization of Personnel Information and Leave Management System of OxyChem Corporation.

Background of the Study
On 2000 the Client family business did not start as cleaning Chemicals Company but rather tried its first venture in laundry business names Planet Laundry. It’s the first laundry shop located at JP Rizal, Makati City. In just two years, Planet Laundry flourished and was able to open twelve (12) branches in Metro Manila. However, during its operations of laundry business, the company experienced dissatisfaction in the quality of powder detergents being used. This drives the company to explore the possibility of producing its own laundry chemicals. In 2004, the company tried to test the market and started its venture as trading firm distributing laundry cleaning and supplies at laundry shops in Makati. On the same year of 2004, by the steak of luck, a powder detergent factory of Novo oriental was offered and sold to planet Laundry and this started the expansion of its business manufacturing and distribution of cleaning chemicals. The company named its distribution company as Zims Cleaning Products, inc. and its manufacturing firm as OxyChem Corporation. History Timeline of OxyChem Chemicals

Time files so quickly and the following developments happened in the next (6)years: 2005 - Established its first distribution center at #50 san Joaquin st. Bry plainview, mandaluyong city. Developed its R & D for laundry, kitchen and other janitorial cleaning chemical and used the brandname “Cleaning” and “Formula” Cleaning Clemicals. 2006 - Planet laundry was closed to focus on manufacturing and distribution of cleaning chemicals. The closure of planet laundry was also due to the conflict of interest to the clients of Zims Cleaning products, Inc. The company opens additional two outlets in Espana and Cubao. 2007 -The Company expanded its production facilities to cover more product line in the institutional sector. Adopted the brand name “Powerclean Chemicals” 2008 – Expanded its product line to cover institutional, industrial and specially cleaning chemicals Adopted the name “Paragon” for industrial chemicals. Opens additional outlets in Pasig, Kamias, and Paranaque. Closed the Zims Cleaning Products, inc. and adopted company name “ OxyChem Chemicals Corporation” for its distribution and manufacturing company. 2009 – Focused on the production of quality and eco-friendly cleaning products. Established distribution centers in Cebu, Boracay, and Cagayan de Oro, Malate and Las Pinas. 2010 – Opens its distribution centers in Davao City. Continuously improved its R&D and Production Departments 2011 – Establihed its two Sales Business Offices (SME & institutional Business Offices) at Mandaluyong City. Offer distributorship to SME markets. To further support the growth and development of laundry industry. It offers installment plan of laundry experiment. This is assistance to those starting to establish its shop and owners expanding its business...
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