Irish Gel

Topics: Marketing, Retailing, Supermarket Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Action Plan
1. Create a custom product. Distribution in many ways:
* Online sales
* Traditional stores
* Selling to spas
* Wholesalers
* Pharmacies
2. Secure ingredient wholesaler from China. Establish from 2 to 4 products In order to increase sales Irish breeze shower gel could be linked to other company’s products (wipes, baby care). It would significantly reduce marketing costs as well as in the retail environment, the company is committed to driving sales, especially in the supermarket channel, by providing high quality products at affordable price points, and is actively engaged in achieving greater product availability and increased shelf space in retail outlets. The company already has national coverage, with products sold in the majority of grocery retailers and pharmacies. Irish Breeze share ranked 41st overall in beauty and personal care in 2011. The company is positioned at the value end of the market. Baby care

In general, product price is not as important within baby and child-specific products as in other beauty and personal care categories. The main concern for the majority of parents is that the products they are using are the best available for their children in terms of quality and safety of ingredients. Furthermore, parents also wish to ensure that the products they are using are both beneficial and effective, which has proven positive for medicated products, which achieved value growth of 5% in 2011. Medicated baby and child-specific products remained the fastest growth category in 2011. Parents may be willing to spend that little bit extra on products for their children. Irish parents are extremely brand loyal when purchasing products for their children. Irish Breeze is national brand that is well-known for baby-care product.
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