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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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SHC34 1 1.2 Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuality

Duty of care contributes to safe practice and safeguarding children, especially babies and children under the age of three who are nearly fully dependant on adults, by protecting them from harm. This could be physical or psychological. By having a duty of care for children we also have a duty of care for their parents too as their parents expect that we will use all our expertise to care for their children properly and expertly.

Making sure that all children have an equal opportunity and are able to enjoy and achieve a balanced framework of activities through the EYFS. This will include support for disabled and special needs children and would be suitable for their individual needs, age and stage of development.

Provide a key person to always spend time with their key child/children on a day to day basis . Always have staffing arrangements so all children can be adequately supervised. Making sure that the staff to child ratios are always met.

To aim to provide a positive and respectful environment where all children feel valued as individual’s. Manage behaviour on a daily basis by giving directions and setting clear boundaries and how to manage inappropriate behaviour according to age and stage of development. To help children with their social and emotional development.

To have daily physical activities is important for health benefits and overall well being. Making sure that they benefit from being outdoors in the fresh air and in environments that can make them feel free. This can help children as they play with other children and their confidence grows.

Follow the EYFS guidelines ensuring that the premises and equipment are kept clean. Take precautions to avoid potential hazards which could harm the children either through spreading infections or accidents.

Keep all information confidential regarding children, families or members of...
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