Shc 34

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Evidence Recording Sheet

Unit: SHC34 Evidence Ref:………………………………

Candidate Name: Assessor Name

Observed by your assessor (O) Personal Statement (EPS) Product Evidence (EP)Professional Discussion (PD) Seen by Witness (EWT)Case History (ECH)

Questioning (QC)APEL/RPL

| | | |Unit/LO/AC |Date of Activity: | | | | | | | |1.1Explain what it means|Duty of care simply means the duty or the responsibility of being the caretaker for another person who is too young, | |to have a duty of care |too old, too ill or mentally or physically unfit to care for himself/herself. It includes taking care of food and | |in own work role |hygiene, health and safety, medical or physical needs etc. | | |Every care workers hold a duty of care not just only towards service users/clients but also to themselves and their | | |colleagues. It can be applied to every aspect of work from duties to undertake the equipment carrying out safely in a | | |safe environment, always act in the best interest of the clients and their care needs, have to act within my | | |competence and decline to take on something if you do not believe you can safely expedite it and also have to protect | | |confidential information about any of the individual. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Safeguarding and protection means to put them into safe place and protect them from any kind of hazards, risk or harm.| | |It is your duty of care to safeguard individuals from harm. All employees | |1.2 Explain how duty of |should report any concerns of abuse they have. These might include evidence or suspicions of bad practice by | |care contributes to the |colleagues and managers, or abuse by another individual, another worker or an individual’s family or friends. If you | |safeguarding or |do not work in this way, you could be considered negligent or incompetent. | |protection of | | |individuals | | | |...
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