Nvq Level 2 Social Care

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Question 1

A duty of care is a legal responsibility towards a person requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could harm others. Generally, a duty of care arises where one person or group undertakes an activity which could reasonably harm another, either physically, mentally, or economically.

Duty of care affects my own work role as it is my duty of care to use proper moving and handling techniques when moving residents, to use equipment properly, to express if there is a risk such as a wet floor by leaving a warning sign, to maintain cleanliness or my self and residents to prevent infection control and also advise residents against going places that could pose a risk such as the cellar, attic or outside pond.

Question 2

Dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and individuals rights could be a person not wanting to take their medication each individual has the right to refuse medication but it is my duty of care to promote encouragement that the person has there medication. The person may want to go outside for a walk but may be immobile or not know where they are and could put themselves in danger. Other dilemmas could include alcohol or requesting certain foods when the person may have diabetes or be allergic or drinking coffee before bed if they have trouble sleeping.

I could get additional support and advice about how to resolve such dilemmas from maybe the person’s doctor or there family may be able to give me guidance on the best way to advice the person against certain requests whilst maintaining a person centres approach.

Question 3

I could respond by firstly listening to make sure i really understand the issues, discuss a plan of how I will deal with the complaint and any outcome the person is seeking, Arrange a meeting with the person making the complaint and key people involved in the complaint to discuss the issues, keep the person informed of...
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