Duty of Care

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Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role.

To have a duty of care means to be accountable for the children and young people in our care by e.g. exercising authority, managing risks, working safely, safeguarding children and young people, monitoring own behaviour and conduct, maintaining confidentiality, storing personal information appropriately, reporting concerns and allegations, making professional judgements, maintaining professional boundaries, avoiding favouritism, maintaining high standards of conduct outside the professional role.

Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals.

Our duty of care does contribute greatly to the safeguarding of children and young people in our care as we feel responsible and accountable for there welfare and wellbeing by protecting them from sexual, physical or emotional harm, preserving their respect and dignity, engendering trust, protecting them and ensuring their safety in the environment, safe use of resources and equipment, prevention them from intimidation or humiliation, protecting own self e.g. against risk of allegation of misconduct or abuse, avoiding risk of accusations or malpractice.

Describe potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between duty of care and an individual’s rights.

Young people may have their individual rights and free agency, but we as carers also have a duty of care to ensure they are making the right choices. This puts us in a dilemma and poses a conflict between their rights and the duty of care we have for them. Some potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise are unsafe behaviours such as alcohol abuse or drug use conflicts/dilemmas e.g. attitudes, unsafe behaviour such as drug/alcohol abuse, truanting, staying out without permission, aggression and violence, bullying and intimidation, vandalism; individual’s rights e.g. respect for views and actions, safety and security, love and belonging, education,...
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