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Topics: Law, Obligation, Standard of care Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: January 27, 2013
SHC 34 Principles For Implementing Duty Of Care In Health
And Social Care Or Children And Young Peoples Settings.
Duty Of Care
What It Means To Have A Duty Of Care?
A duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could potentially harm others. For example if the children are doing P.E. and playing on apparatus you will need to make sure that all the equipment is set up right and is safe for the children to play on. If any of the equipment isn’t set up right or is damaged in anyway then the children should not be allow on them because if they are there is a significant chance that by doing so may cause harm to the children and you are not performing your duty of care. It means you have a duty of care to protect the child/children in your care from potential harm, this will be achieved by using standards, policies and procedures. Also carrying out risk assessments, keeping policies and procedures updated, carrying out daily checks and knowing who your first point of contact is should you suspect that a child could be at risk e.g. if a child tells you that they are being abused then you have to write down exactly what is said, the time, the date and who is present then go to your superior to inform them, then take the appropriate action. How Duty Of Care Contributes To Safeguarding Children?

Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding of children by preventing abuse weather this is sexual, physical, emotional or anything else that may be equally as harmful. Duty of care safeguards children by the setting having done risk assessments and precautions taken to avoid accidents or the spreading of infections. Follow the correct procedures if you have any concerns for the children’s wellbeing, set clear boundaries for children depending on age and stage of development and discourage any behaviour, which could result in a child being harmed or upset. Assessments...
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