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  • Published: March 10, 2013
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All Nations College
Language Research Class 101 (dapat subject code)

In Partial Completion for the Requirements for Language Research Class


Daniel L.Solayao
January 24, 2013

This research is about the study on the perception and current study habits of the high school students of Antipolo City. The researcher decides on this to inculcate advices on educators to address failures and mishappenings within a semester of learning. He wanted to grasp his market to build interest on studying well and promote better learning experience in the learning institution. This study will definitely help educators to grasp and understand current students situation and experiences and will be able to provide the students with a more exciting learning habit and involvement. The capability of this study may extend to other educators and researchers who want to further address the basics dilemma that this study will be recognizing within the Antipolo area extending to all Filipino students in the NCR region.


The researcher want to thank the following for the support in the promulgation of this study. Mr… (teachermo) for giving him the opportunity to make this paper and vested interest in the study. (Sino nag bigaysayongperaparapondohanka ) for providing with the financial aspects and needs for the field work and promulgation of this paper. Joyce Centeno for assisting and helping the researcher fulfill the needs for this paper and for the field works. Jonas Talotos for assisting and helping the researcher for works on field and God for making all things possible.

Table of Contents

The criticalness of the Study habits to success in school for the students is definitely worth of studying and researching about. The thesis on study habits as preferred by the researcher is the best study to consider as he himself is an educator in the future. The ability to determine factors and critical considerations is the most essential for him and his fellow educators as well. As the researcher has grasp this thought, he has gained interest and pushed through on studying the perception and current study habits of secondary education students. Background of the Study

Filipino students nowadays find it hard to learn in the classroom setting due to various reasons and environment concerns such as ventilation, drivers for focus and other incremental cases of students concerns. All of these contribute to the losing of interest with the students learning experience. Habits of students in a span of time is shortened and has no quality anymore for most which leads to higher failing marks and furthermore higher number of kick outs. Students’ study habits and their perception on this is the main key factor to consider addressing the abovementioned dilemma of the Filipino society. These build interest and the want to learning, the most, if this study proves it. This paper will also determine factors to consider to fully reaching the best study habit of Filipino students.

Statement of the Problem
This study will focus on determining perception and current study habits of student of secondary education of the Filipino community. Moreover, this will be examining concerns of the students to address the incrementing cases of failures and kick outs. Basically, this paper will address the need to improve study habits by both the students and the educators help as well. Due to the circumstances of the Filipino community, we will be able to understand and deal with the problems that we are facing today with the educational dilemma and fragility of the students on the learning experience they have with the school, educators and home.

Importance/ Relevance of the Study
This study will help students gain interest on learning and will build favorable and cooperative study habits...
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