Student's Report on Family Values Reduced

Topics: Family, Morality, Value Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: February 20, 2013
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Good morning teacher. My name is …..I’m come from Viet Nam. I am studying Advance D. My FIN No. is G1139539L. Today I’m going to talk about the decline of family values in society today.  
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Before I start I will show you the outline of my presentation. For the introduction, i will say in general about the decline of family values. After that I will show main points and explain the greed and other reasons which led to family values decrese. Lastly, I will sum up my presentation with summary, prediction and recommendation.  

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Due to globalisation with the growth of materialism, people have high standard of living, the decline of family values become a usual topic these days. Materialism can be defined as a dominating sense of desire to pursue wealth and other tangible things that can provide physical comforts that ignores the importance of spiritual values.   Many mourn the loss of joy, the warmth, unity and togetherness in households today. Someone said that this is the period of greed that responsible for this decline but in my opinion, it’s still exist some reasons which make family values decrease. So I will discuss both of it in this presentation.  

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Now moving onto the first part of my presentation which is talk about the impacts of greed to family values include competition within family members, pressure from society to be rich and marriage base on money.  

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Firstly, let me start by an undisputable fact that greed can make intensive competition within family members. For example, we can look at relationship between sibling. Sometimes, second or third children feel inadequate by comparison to a first sibling. They think they work never enough good when compare to their sisters or brothers are exhibit unusual talent. If children are labeled best in a domain, they often do their best to prevent another sibling from encroaching on their domain and gradually become selfish, jealous. Moreover, because of it can...
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