How the Family Has Evolved from an Economic Unit to a Psychological Unit

Topics: Family, Economics, Industrial Revolution Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 15, 2013
How the Family Has Evolved From an Economic Unit to A Psychological Unit

There is no single “true” form or definition of a family. Looking at the present day norm, a family can consist of a husband, wife and their children, two wives and their children, blended families with children from previous marriages, and many other variations due to the diversities that are now present in society. Back in the day, families were mostly economic units meaning that families must have worked together productively in order to survive economically. Today, the family unit has evolved to being more of a psychological unit. This essay will outline how the traditional family economic unit has transformed to a psychological unit one that is more affectionate between the family members and how the emotional relationship is more important than that of surviving the economy. In the early, pre-industrial stage, technology was limited and unchanging. Most economic activity took place within the household, and production and distribution were organized by custom and tradition. Families worked hard together in whatever that family’s trade might be, in order to survive. The father’s role was to provide the physical strength of the unit and usually would do most of the work. High mortality rates and low productivity meant that on the farms and in the towns life was short and living conditions were harsh an existence which was accepted fatalistically. During this time, the Family’s main focus was to work and survive the economic hardships so there really was no time to really have those “important talks” or have affectionate times with each family member.

At this time, many children were sent to the workforce as well. They were an economic necessity as they were dependant by all the family members working because they contributed to the family’s income. “Childhood” as we come to know and reminisce from time to time, a period of innocence and play,...
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