Family Values Paper

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Family Value Paper
Katie Chieda
University of Phoenix
Dynamics of Family Systems: NUR/542
February 21, 2011
Carla Diebold

Family Values

Family is a term that can be interpreted differently by every individual, as it defines itself by one’s personal experiences and expectations. In health care, one would define a family as a support system to an individual in a state of compromised health. The family role in the health care setting can vary based on the patient’s condition. In the intensive care unit the families play a large role especially, for those individuals whom lose his or her ability to provide self-care and make self-care decisions. As a health care provider it is important to understand the role of family system, family concept, and the application of an appropriate family nursing theory.

Family System/Concept of Family
For a family system to have a positive role in the intensive care unit the family must serve as a system in support of the individual family member. The family often plays a role in the plan of care, as the individual suffering the illness cannot serve as the sole provider of self-care. In some cases the ill individual cannot play a role in self-care. The family can play a role in the individual’s recovery by coming together as one to support healing, or simply identifying, and achieving individual health goals.

All individuals in the...
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