Blended Families

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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As I ready our assigned text for this week I noticed a constant trend among such changing environments. And that is that the family structured is heavily influenced, if not dictated, by its surrounding and what is going on in the world around it. So in order to form any kind of assumption of what the family dynamic may be like in the future, it is important to first identify the trends that are going on around us now that will affect us in the near future.

First, and I believe most impactful, is the wave of accessible technology all around us. It seems like a child has an iPhone before they are even taught how to ride a bike. This is concerning for me because I have witness for myself how these technological gadgets can create barriers and walls amongst family members. If you visit a typical family household today, you will probably find a TV in every room, some kind of game system in the children’s room, and notice that almost every member of the family has some kind of handheld device. This prevents and hinders genuine communication and interest amongst family members. And there is no sign of it ending. In fact, the opposite is true. I believe, in 50 years we will all be so consumed by these accessible technological devices that it will consume much of our lives and weaken the family structure. To support my ideas, a BBC News article states, “It is possible to imagine families 50 years from now interacting online through avatar websites like Second Life, perhaps even sharing virtual family meals.”

Another rising concern amongst families in the future is violence. I need not reiterate on the horrific and animalistic acts of violence that our own teenage children and young adults are participating in. Some blame this on the increased amount of violence witness in their video game obsessions, others blame bullying, etc. But one thing is certain, I believe there should be some mandatory intervention in the next 50 years to improve on this concern....
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