Stress and Personality Measures

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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1.Martin usually seeks immediate gratification, whereas his friend Antonio is guided by moral principles. According to Freud, Martin is governed by his __________, Antonio by his __________. |a. |ego; id |c. |ego; superego | |b. |id; superego |d. |superego; id |

2.Darrin always feels angry. However, instead of recognizing his anger, Darrin believes that the people around him are angry. Darrin is utilizing the defense mechanism of |a. |projection. |c. |sublimation. | |b. |rationalization. |d. |displacement. |

3.After his girlfriend rejects his sexual advances, Elsworth goes to the park and plays the best game of basketball he's ever played. Elsworth's sexual energy could have been unconsciously converted to athletic prowess, according to which psychodynamic defense mechanism? |a. |Sublimation |c. |Projection | |b. |Displacement |d. |Reaction formation |

4.Five-year-old Tauja says she wants to be a stockbroker just like her mother and marry a man just like her father when she grows up. A Freudian would say that Tauja is showing evidence of |a. |the Oedipal complex. |c. |striving for superiority. | |b. |the Electra complex. |d. |object relations. |

5.A primary difference between Allport's secondary and central traits is that |a. |secondary traits are more specific to certain situations. | |b. |central traits control less behavior. | |c. |secondary traits are innate, whereas central traits are learned. | |d. |secondary traits compensate for missing central traits. |

6.According to Mischel's cognitive/affective theory, an individual’s encodings, expectancies, affects, and goals and values are all considered |a. |personality traits. | |b. |self-actualizing tendencies. | |c. |mutually-influencing factors of reciprocal determinism. | |d. |cognitive person variables. |

7.Which of the following individuals is most likely to be self-actualized, according to the humanistic approach to personality? |a. |Anne, who has internalized many conditions of worth | |b. |Betty, who has a high need for positive regard | |c. |Corey, who is controlled by a deficiency orientation | |d. |Dori, who always displays congruent behaviors |

8.Both the psychodynamic and humanistic theories of personality have been criticized for |a. |their psychotherapy techniques, which focus too much attention on childhood experiences. | |b....
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