Stress Questions

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Barbara Brewer

1. What are your major sources of stress? What types of problems do these create for you?
My major sources of stress are making sure I get all of my homework done for the week on time. The second source of stress is make sure I get all of my bills paid on time for the month. They both create problems because I worry about them too much when I shouldn’t sometimes because I usually accomplish getting them done and paid on time.

2. What are you currently doing to cope with your sources of stress?

I am trying to cope by making just letting it go sometimes and not worrying about it by doing something fun like going to a movie or watching tv or going to a concert. I am also trying to cope with stress by multitasking so I won’t feel like I have to get everything done at once.

3. Select two coping strategies from the chapter that you'd like to try and explain how they may be helpful to you in dealing with stress. Provide examples of each.

One coping strategy is take charge of the situation that would help me by when I have a lot of homework in one week I could break it down into a little bit everyday. The last coping strategy is talk to friends and family that would help my by simply talking about what is stressing me out that would help me cope with a particular situation if I have someone to talk with.
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