Coping with Stress

Topics: The Extra, Family, Everyday Life Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Shirley B. Caldwell
(Caldwell Essay 1)
Stress in Our Lives
We all deal with stress in our everyday lives from work, school, and family. It can affect us mentally and physically. Many deal with it by themselves. Some seek professional help. Do you go into their secret closet to pray? Are you one of those people that listen to music? Do you find comfort in just talking to someone? Many jobs can be stressful from working long hours, overbearing bosses, co-workers that are not focused on their job tasks. Some jobs in retail or restaurants require us to have face to face encounters with rude customers. Working with computers, machines, and any other electronic devices can be stressful. So how do we cope with this type of stress? While on your lunch break sit in your car and listen to music. While working in a restaurant walk away from the situation to pursue higher authority. Try and solve the problem on your own. Home stress consists of family, finances, car trouble, and appliances breaking. Budgeting finances helps cope with stress. When having disagreements calling family meetings and gatherings to discuss issues. More than one vehicle relieves stress. When there’s extra money in an account for appliances. Home stress can also consist of kids being in a single parent home. What are some ways we cope with home stress? A family therapist can help. When everyone gets alone and doesn’t fight makes coping with stress easier. As it is worded in the Bible “A family that prays together stays together.” School can play a major role with stress in student everyday life. Studying for a test or writing an essay causes stress. Doing homework and working on class presentations play a major role also. For instance, college students are up late nights studying, researching papers on various topics, and practicing speeches in the mirror. How can we cope with this? To cope with stress a little easier you can have a study partner, ask for help, and...
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