Strategies for Success

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Melinda Connor
Strategies for Success
February 20, 2013

What are your major sources of stress? What types of problems do these create for you? The major sources of stress for me is dealing with school, becoming a new wife and mother, and trying to find a job all at the same time. The problems that these stress create for me is that it is so hard for me to get my school work done and submitted on time because having a new baby and being a new wife is very hard and taking care of three other kids is very hard and a handful.

What are you currently doing to cope with your sources of stress? To cope with my sources of stress I go and talk to one of my friends about what is going on with me. I take the kids to my mother or the in-laws house and have a day to myself to get pampered and to study so I would not fall to much behind on my school work.

Select two coping strategies from the chapter that you’d like to try and explain how they may be helpful to you in dealing with stress. Provide examples of each. The two strategies from the chapter that I like to try would be take charge of the situation and relax. I choose these two because it sounds like me and plus when you relax you take all the pressure off yourself. From what I read in the chapter page 242 that by relaxing your body it can take a great deal of stress off you. Taking charge of the situation, from the reading on page 240 it states that if you would take charge of the situation you’ll reduce the experience of stress. For an example if you are at home cooking, cleaning, washing, and helping the kids with their homework all at the same time you take charge and have the older kids help you out in the house or call your mother over to help you out with the kids until you can get done doing your work in the house.
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