Strategic Planning Paper

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  • Published : December 13, 2009
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Strategic Initiative Paper
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Rick Schutz, Instructor
October 12, 2009
Strategic Initiative Paper
Strategic Planning and Initiative
The following is an excerpt from Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging Program Expands with Dozens of New Toys from Top Brands: “Packaging frustration is real – we hear about it from customers all the time,” said Sarah Wood, director of the Toys & Games Store. “Birthday parties and holidays should be as stress-free as possible for parents. Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging helps by eliminating issues some parents have with freeing toys from clamshells, wire ties and other packaging components. The Amazon Frustration-Free versions are ready to play right out of the box, which is a great thing for parents and kids.” At the present time, Amazon Frustration-free packaging consists of a selected range of toys and consumer electronics products. Amazon’s vision is eventually to offer the full catalog of products in Frustration-free packaging. Impact on Financial Planning

“Amazon has declared FFP to be a multi-year project, but the current list basically boils down to 8 kinds of toys, 7 of the same Microsoft mouse in different colors, and 3 SDHC memory cards (Wise Bread, 2009).” Because the inception of the initiative in 2008, there has been plenty of positive feedback has received regarding the frustration-free packaging. So for future financial planning, they could only hope that with rising popularity that more manufactures will also be willing to offer the same packaging. This is a “win win” situation; the manufacturer saves on packaging material whereas offers an expedited service. Impact on Cost’s frustration-free packaging saves on cost because most products that are frustration free can be shipped in its original packaging without having to be re-boxed. Consumers will benefit from...
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