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Marvel Enterprises
Marvel Comics was founded in the late 1930’s with the their first comics appearing in 1939. Up to the time of the case, the company had changed owners a few times, had ups and downs, and had built a large following by providing up to 60 periodicals per month which included comics like: Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man along with about 4,700 other characters. Decision Dilemna:

What business model should Marvel Executives pursue to ensure continued growth? Analysis of Case Facts, Missing info and Contradictions:
There was a lot of talk about existing deals; I’d like to know the terms of those deals and when they were made, when they expire etc. •One of those deals and a very important one was the SpiderMan movie deal with Sony. Said “on the day of release, Marvel had only received about $25mm from Sony.” Were they expecting to get more? This would be nice to understand the terms here to valuate worth. •They talk a lot about primary market, I would like to see a marketing breakdown of what they are marketing to who? How they are working to capture and keep intrest from toddlers to elderly enthusiasts. •I’d like to better understand the comic book market. Do customers stick with one comic like spiderman and only read that? Or do they start with a spidermand and evolve to others? Buy multiples? •How many comic books does the average consumer buy? Adult vs kid? •Would like more insight on efforts regarding Toy distribution, especially when they get space from a retailer 12 months in advance but then the film/toy gets squashed…how does this reflect on them •I would like to see an organization chart; who’s working for who, how many people are there, etc. at certain points it sounds like they have harldy anyone working there and others sounds like they have huge teams •Would like more info on dollar amounts for movie revenues. Talks about US retail averages and then worldwide production costs…would like to compare...
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