Statement of Purpose/ Study Plan

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Statement of Purpose/ Study Plan

Academic Goal: I would like to study Financial Management at your well-known University. During the past several years, I set about enthusiastically taking on all the professional knowledge and skills to become a competent business professional. I feel that a Master in finance will provide me with the training I need to sharpen my professional judgments. Thus, your programme will grant me greater accuracy in observing the financial market. All this will help me achieve my future career goal of becoming financial investment consultant in an international financial corporation. Motivation: My interest in Finance was generated from my childhood, when my father was able to accrue a significant amount of capital despite the economic recession in Asia. This stimulated me to realize the charm of finance, and I started to seek out knowledge about stock investing and business operation, which continued to appeal me to present. As a result, finance has always been my first studying choice and during my studies at National Chung Cheng University I, therefore, majored in finance. The courses I studied gave me a solid foundation in financial consultancy and the excellent grades I received further assured my career goal- to be someone in the financial sector. Academic Experience: I had a distinguished performance in student life, from which I studied at Taipei Jingmei Girls’ High School and was the chief leader of Honour Guard. In the period of senior high school, I was granted a lot of exam awards. Afterwards, I was able to join in the National Chung Cheng University with focus in Finance and Banking. I was a vivacious student who was the president of academic association of the department’s public relations committee. In this position, I contacted various enterprises and banks, which sponsored us in the organization and handled a variety of activities, such as the student union’s Christmas party. It is my belief that I am prepared to...
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