Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Before, the connotation that peace and diplomatic affairs should only be handled by world leaders and diplomats are very strong. However, as I was studying the different nursing and health concepts during my university years, realization dawned on me that health care professionals can also play a major part in peace-making, peacekeeping and peace building efforts. This belief was strengthened when I read “Peace through Health” by Arya and Santa Barbara. Given extensive and intensive training in diplomacy, mediation and conflict resolution, health workers can have unique opportunities for diplomatic work. Furthermore, I believe health care workers doing peace work can break barriers since the subject of health itself transcends individual goals even between parties divided by violence. Health according to WHO is one of the key components of human security which we all want to achieve. An adequate and equitable health care system gives humans security and this actually encourages peace. In my country, a long standing conflict between the government and rebels have caused so much mortalities and morbidities and not all are direct effects of violence. I wish to channel my efforts on lessening the peace deficits on these troubled parts of my country by leading them through health programs. With this, I chose to major in Peace and Global Governance. I desire in my future endeavours to not only be an effective healthcare practitioner but also someone who can contribute and play an active role in building global communities through addressing root causes and issues of misunderstandings so as to maximize the development potentials of people. Concepts about the health care system and its implications, I gained knowledge of during university days. Now, I would like to enrich my knowledge about peace, human rights, violence and conflict management/transformation. I want to be able to connect the bridge between peace and health paradigms, to enhance...
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