Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose:
The main reason why I apply for the scholarship is to have a very remarkable knowledge and experiences in a place which has been widely known as a country filled with bright ideas and a home of great higher education institutions. From what I have known so long this time that UK has a very strong relationship when it comes to the talks about education. UK has been major donor for my country in giving precious chances to students to experience a unique, amazing, and unforgettable study time, not only because of the quality of the institution but also the top environment they will feel. Related to degree I am applying for, United Kingdom is the homeland of English Language, and no other great places I shall direct my vision except to UK, where I can fully understand the English, the usage, the people, the culture and every single thing about it. Those are the priceless things which I will always share to my students as I am back to Pakistan. Being a teacher, my life has taught me one valuable thing, which I always tell to my students, “Nothing is too easy, therefore we need to study about everything, and nothing is too difficult as long as we study about everything.” I have attended few international events and I learned many things from those international events, including team-work, being focus and determined, and learning people surrounding me. I certainly have no doubt that I will be able to back in actions in developing those things. Studying in a world class university, along with friendly people who always give their hand for every obstacle I face and supporting “chemistry” around me, will surely put me in a very competitive yet cooperative surroundings in my degree pursuing and future preparing. Right now, I am working as a lecturer in a well known university in Islamabad, Pakistan. I have also teaching experience of English language. Despite my different Bachelor’s background and people’s saying about that thing, I keep teaching...
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