Statement of Purpose for MBA

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  • Published : September 30, 2014
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Statement of Purpose for MBA

A person’s life experience is just like a book. It could be thick or thin, wonderful or mundane, honorable or unrefined. It depends on the author-yourself. During the course of my past 22 years, I have written the introduction and the first segment of my book, which was wonderful and meaningful - a happy and imaginative childhood full of books and small scientific experiments, a valuable high school life with opportunities to improve my strong study and practical ability, many treasured and trustworthy friends, as well as a rich undergraduate life that set up my career goal and worldly expectations. To prepare myself for graduate studies in Business Administration, I have involved myself in a variety of academic study, internships as well as other preparations.

In September 2010, I was successfully admitted by the College of Business Administration at Capital University of Economics and Business. It was obvious that during this stage I received a more comprehensive understanding on management. Being exposed to the core courses of Business Administration, I have studied concepts in marketing, statistics, accounting, management, and other related electives to accumulate the foundational principles of business little by little. Moreover, I also got fascinated by the impressive stories of several business celebrities, which inspired me to set my future goal of becoming a manager through my personal endeavors.

In my junior year, to broaden my horizon, I competed for our university’s exchange program and eventually got the opportunity to study at University of California, Riverside for one year. By virtue of the basic courses of study in China, I had a fundamental frame of Business Administration so, when entering UC Riverside, I was able to adapt the study atmosphere there. My experience in United States not only provided me with further knowledge in business and management fields,...
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