Personal Statement for Econ Major

Topics: South Korea, Economics, Korean language Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: March 11, 2008
My interest in Economics and Management has been developed from my childhood. With the advantage that my father runs leisure and property businesses in Japan, I have had a great opportunity to observe how a company runs and this encouraged me to pursue a career in management.

During the A level Economics course, I was amazed that many things I was taught in the class were things that my father and I had discussed about over the years.

This gave me great encouragement that now I could understand economics more theoretically and also I might be able to talk about it with my father with no difficulties in understanding any of his words.

During the crash of the tiger economies in 1997, I become aware of the effect that economic problems could have on to peoples' lives.

The year 1997 was also the year when I first came to the England to study. After studying a year and a half in a private school called King's Ely, I had to go back to Korea because of the government's restriction on sending money to foreign countries.

I was not just upset but I kept questioning, how and why these economic crashes could actually effect (-affect) so many people's lives including myself. By solving these questions one by one, I've enjoyed the course immensely, especially as it has increased my awareness of just how broad the subject really is.

In 2003 I had work experience for a Korean design firm called 'O Shin'. For the first time I could experience the real atmosphere of the firm. I was impressed by the amount of work they were dealing with and its importance and this made me respect a business career greatly.

I am passionate about sports and have played for teams representing various different schools. Rugby became one of my favorite sports since I had first met this in King's Ely.

I was in the King's school's first rugby team player for position number eight. I couldn't stop playing it after I went back to my country and I joined the school rugby team in...
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