Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Statement of Purpose

Many people around the world want to build a career in Optics and Photonics and I am just one of them but I am different from others because of my eternal enthusiasm to study in this area. I started to dream about photonics and optical systems when I was at secondary school. In high school I started drawing optical systems. This made me more and more eager to study about optics and photonics. Step by step I was starting to make the little boy’s dream come true. After high school I decided to study Material Science or Physics to become more familiar with optic and photonic components. I started studying Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering at Sakarya University Engineering Faculty at 2004. At university, I was selected student of honors for 4 times. I was a quite active student here and I became the chairman of the Material Science and Engineering Club. More important is that I started to improve my skills about photonics. That’s why, TUBITAK ( Turkish National Scientific and Technical Research Center) Materials Institute was very good place for me, so I started to do my training there in Electron Microscopy and XRD-Spectroscopy Laboratories. In TUBITAK I focused on spectroscopy techniques, photonics systems, photonic detection and characterization. Compulsory official training time was 1 month but I extended the time to 5 months for my self. My training result was (AA – in German System 1.0) excellent. Furthermore as a compulsory engineering design project I worked on Silicon-GermaniumNitrogen nanocables.

Moreover, I thought that having a good international experience about photonics would be the best thing I could do on the way to improve my skills and enlarge my vision. I applied to ERASMUS scholarship for Karlsruhe Technical University. As soon as I won the scholarship I searched for a team to work with nanophotonics at UniKATH. Prof. Siegel’s team at Micro and Nano Electronic System Institute was the perfect team for...
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