Stategic Mangement

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Strategic Management MARKS- 100

All the questions are compulsory .The first five questions shall be of 16 marks each and the last question shall be of 20 marks Q.1 A. What is strategy implementation? How far it is different from strategy formulation? B. Describe in detail the SWOT analysis. What is its significance in organizations? Q.2 A. Discuss in detail the two main styles of strategic leadership. B. Define corporate culture. Also elucidate the statement “Culture is a strength that can also be a weakness”. Q.3 A. Critically explain the BCG matrix. What is six sigma? B. Discuss strategic alternatives with reference to Michael Porter’s strategies Q.4 A. What is strategic change? Explain the change process proposed by Kurt Levin that can be useful in implementing strategies? B. Briefly discuss various elements of macro environment. Q.5 State with reasons which of the following statements are correct/incorrect: a. A core competence is a unique strength of an organization which may not be shared by others. b. Supply chain management is conceptually wider than logistic management. c. Concentric diversification amounts to unrelated diversification. d. Skimming means keeping price very low.

Q.6 Tangy spices Ltd, the countries’ biggest spices marketer has decided to launch a hostile bid for Italy’s major spice marketer Chilliano. This is a rare case of an Indian company making an unsolicited hostile bid for a foreign company. The Tangy Spices Ltd. Has competencies in Indian spices. The major destination markets for the Tangy spices Ltd. exports have been the Europe and America. The competencies of Chilliano lie in Italian herbs and spices. The Indian with the takeover wishes to synergies its operations in the world market. It also wants to take advantage of the reach enjoyed by the Italian company in several countries where its products are not being sold presently. The move of hostile takeover follows Chilliano’s rejection to an...
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