Speedo Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Swimsuit Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: February 25, 2012
A Market Plan in the Speedo International Limited Executive Summary Speedo International Limited manufactures swimwear of all types for recreation and also for competition. This marketing plan illustrates the strategies that the company is using in order to get retain its customers and to win others. It also illustrates the strategies that the company is employing in order to cope with the stiff competition that is in the market. Until some years ago, Speedo enjoyed an almost monopolistic business with few competitors and definitely none in its league. In the beginning of the decade, giants like Nike and Adidas diversified their business to include manufacturing swimwear. This brought about unexpected stiff competition. As a result, the company has taken a new look at its marketing strategies in order to beat this competition. In this paper, an internal environment situational analysis has been carried out on products, financial and non-financial situation and channels of distribution of the products. This analysis has shown that despite the recent economic crunch, the situation is not very bad. One particular product LZR Racer has help boost the sales of the company beyond anybody’s expectation. Though still facing some controversy, this swimsuit still remains the one single item doing very well and helping in boosting the sales of the other products. Since the company can control the internal environment, this market plan has laid down the steps and strategies that the company is taking in order to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. This paper goes further and takes an analysis of the external environment. The company has no control over the external environment. It is however important to do this analysis in order to be pre4pared and avoid being caught by surprise in by things which are predictable. Analysis of markets and the state of competition has been done. New companies in the industry still remain the greatest competitors. These include...
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