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Business plan
“Hello Spa-ctacular Center”

In Partial fulfillment of the requirements
of the course BE205A Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
in Bachelor Of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Submitted by;
Jhenmie C. Hernandez
Vladimir John P. Macapugay
Divinia A. Ellan

Submitted to;
Yolanda Q. Sabas



This business plan would not be possible without the guidance and the help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study. First and foremost, we thank the Lord, our Almighty God for giving us strength, courage and wisdom in doing this project. To God be the glory and praise. To our dear instructor, Ms. Yolanda Q. Sabas, whose sincerity and encouragement are really recognizable. She has been our inspiration as we hurdle all the obstacles in the completion of this business plan. Her willingness to motivate us contributed tremendously to our project.

We would also like to thank our beloved parents who provided all the financial support we needed. To our friends and classmates who unselfishly share their knowledge to us. They were a great source of support and encouragement; we thank them all and wish them all the best in their lives.

Lastly, we would also like to thank each other for we knew that this project would never been a realization if there were no unity and cooperation among us. We the proponents, Jhenmie C. Hernandez, Vladimir John P. Macapugay and Divinia Ellan were very much grateful for having each other upon the fulfillment of this project.

Table of Contents

Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter I – Project Summary
Name of the Enterprise
Company Name and Form of the Organization
Project Location/Business Location
Descriptive Definition of the Project
Business Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives
Company Logo

Start-up date and Key Personnel of the Company
Company Ownership
Geographical Information and Advantages of the Business Location
Management Structure
Organizational Structure
Personnel Plan
A. Job descriptions
B. Job specifications
C. Compensations
Chapter III – Operation Plans
Product Service Descriptions
Operations Process Flow Chart
Technological Assistance
Administrative System of the Company
Financial System of the Company
Future Product Service
`‘’Hello Spa-ctacular is a new destination offering customers a complete spa experience. It is a combination of massage in a variety of styles, facials, body treatments with buffet services. The settings are beautiful and serene. It caters both men and women and offers the latest skin care products and services. Hello spa-ctacular will be different from other competitors because of the buffet services. Customers will enjoy their stay with a maximum of 4 hours with eat-all-you-can buffet table and shabu-shabu.

The proponents chose the word “Hello” because it is a word used to express a greeting, answer a telephone, or attract attention, an exclamation of surprise, wonder, elation, etc. in the English language. And the word “spa center” which pertains to our business. SPA is an abbreviation for the ancient Latin phrase “salus per aqua” meaning to enter by means of water or health through water. Today, a Spa Centre is a center for relaxation, rejuvenation, exercise, and various specialized treatments. FORM OF ORGANIZATION

The proposed business is in the form of partnership. A partnership is a nominate contract between individuals who, in a spirit of cooperation, agree to carry on an enterprise; contribute to it by sharing property, money and industry; and divide its profit. Partners may have a partnership agreement, or declaration of partnership and in some...
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