Female Buying Behavior Toward Local Cosmatics

Topics: Factor analysis, Cosmetics, Psychometrics Pages: 16 (4920 words) Published: May 2, 2013
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Consumer Buying Attitudes toward Counterfeits: Factors Motivating the Buying Behavior Zahid Iftikhar, Anam Munir, Jannat Arif Butt
The purpose of this article is to know the factors that motivate the customers to buy local cosmetic products. The authors made the conceptual framework and a questionnaire was adopted to know the consumers buying behavior to buy local cosmetic products with respect to purchase intention. Questionnaire was adopted from different articles. This data is based on 150 respondents. The respondents were selected from five different cities of Pakistan. Although that the demographic impacts was studied. This research is conducted to know the consumer’s knowingly buying attitude of the local cosmetic products. This paper will help the marketers to know that, what are the trends and why people buy local cosmetic products and when? How people feel by buying the local cosmetic products? The result inferred has significant academic and managerial implication. Attitude towards purchasing enhances purchase intention and purchase intention impacts on the buying behavior. Attitude is also impacted by the product price, product quality, product image, product awareness, past purchase behavior and status consumption which will help the marketers in achieving the desired business results. Keywords: product price, product quality, product image, product awareness, past purchase behavior, Attitude, Subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, Purchase intention, Behavior. Paper type: Research paper

List of Tables
1. Table 1. Descriptive
2. Table 2. EFA
3. Table 3. Reliability
4. Table 4. Correlation
5. Table 5. Regression

List of figures
Fig 1 Facets of cosmetics research
Fig 2 Conceptual framework

List of abbreviations
PP= Product price
PQ=product quality
PI=product image
PA=product awareness
PA= Product appearance
SPB= subjective perceived behavior
PBC= Perceived behavioral control
SN=Subjective norms
ATP=Attitude towards purchase
SN=Subjective norms
PI= Purchase intention
BTPC=Behavior towards the purchase of local cosmetics

2. Introduction
The” local product” means which manufactured locally manufacture or produce within the region and available for that region’s consumers as well as to others. Local products are available in free range in home or region there is a huge variety of that such product and its imagination, traditional, free-rang. There are 1.3 billion people or consumers who use local brands (Nielsen).Urban women’s use an average of 2.2 products every morning. Why consumers are attracted towards local products even they are aware about the quality of the local products. This study is conducted to explore the buying behavior of the consumers towards the purchase of local cosmetic products to investigate that which factors enhances and decreases the purchase intent of the consumers towards local cosmetic products. This study has influenced which factors are the reason of consumer inspiration and intent to buy the local cosmetic products knowingly and what is the involvement of demographics. * Which factors are influencing the consumer to...
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