Opening a Vegetable Shop

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* Letter of Transmittal

December 9, 2012
T.M. Taufique Hossain (TMT)
Instructor of BUS 251
BBA Dept. North South University

Dear Sir,
First we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work on this project. Despite certain limitations we tried hard to include feasible information to make our report as realistic as possible. This is just a hypothetical business plan; pardon us if you find anything unconventional.

Should you have any more enquiries concerning any additional information we would be very pleased to clarify that. Thank you. Thank you,
Avra Barua -111 1170 030
Shahadat Ahmed -111 0119 030
Sadiqul Islam- 101 0628 030

* Acknowledgement

We would like to express outmost gratefulness to our respected faculty member – Taufique Hossain, (TMT) for guiding and helping us in every step of the way on the completion of our business plan.

* Executive summary
Our business venture is a vegan restaurant called Vege Carnival. We are going to set up this business with an intention to differentiate ourselves from other eateries by providing only vegetarian dishes. What makes us more unique apart from being the only vegan restaurant is our variety of dishes too. We will be serving some exciting dishes which are unfamiliar to people and locate on a convenient location such as that of North Gulshan Avenue. Our competition is practically nonexistent for the moment as there are no vegan restaurants in Dhaka city. Hence we are certain to achieve competitive advantage through our distinct service. Our venture would be dedicated around these personnel: Manager, head chef, Su chef, Cashier, waiters and a guard. Communication flow would be both top down and bottom up, because in this way everyone could keep track about the situation of the restaurant. As for the financial aspects we have 50lakh taka for start our business partially financed by Brac bank. We are assuming to incur loss at the first year of our establishment; however we are projecting on average 13.5 lakh worth of sales every month earning profit of over 87000 taka.

* Table Of Content
2The Organizational Plan7
2.3The Organizational Chart7
3Products and Services8
3.2Retail or Branch9
3.3Provided Services9
4Administrative Plan10
5The Marketing Plan11
5.1Target Market11
5.3SWOT analysis:12
5.4Customer trend analysis:14
5.5Method of sales and distribution:14
5.6Sales strategy:14
5.8Advertising strategies:15
5.9Sales incentives and promotion:16
6The Financial Plan17
6.1Source of Capital17
6.2Initial investment18
6.3Fixed Cost19
6.4Variable Costs21
6.5Revenue Projection Per Day22
6.6Revenue Projection Per Month22
6.7Revenue projected per year:23
6.8Expected Profit Analysis23
6.9Break Even Analysis24

The word “VEGE CARNIVAL” refers to a place which will be eateries most desired place. It is actually name of a restaurant which will provide various types of delicious foods mainly made of different types of fresh and organic vegetables. This restaurant will be located in one of the most accessible place in DHAKA city, “GULSHAN NORTH AVENUE”. The restaurant will have a very highly decorative setup that will deliver customers with comforts. As customers preferences will be the first priority in “VEGECARNIVAL”. Also in the restaurant customer will have the opportunity to customize the components of the dishes. Although “VEGECARNIVAL” s target customer will be among upper middle class and upper class people, it has decided to keep the price in a moderate level where...
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