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Some of the Difficulties I face in learning English

Learning English as a foreign language has a lot of difficulties. We, Ethiopian students, learn this language with out getting the chance of involving with the speech community i.e with out much environmental support. I do have some serious difficulties of learning English particularly in the listening and speaking skills.

Next to this I will try to point out my problems of learning English and their possible solutions to solve those problems. One of the most important language skills is listening. My difficulties based on this skill are mainly the speed of the speakers and the pronunciation. In order to minimize and to avoid totally the above mentioned problems, I am trying to listen to different audio and audio visual records. I usually follow the English language programme broad cast on radios like BBC and VOA services. In addition to this I have begun watching films and video. Beside this, I listen to my instructor’s lectures very carefully that helps me to improve my listening skill to same extent.

My second major problem in learning English is the speaking skill. Although listening and speaking are in separable, my difficulty of speaking is more than that of listening. This is basically due to lack of practice. The other is I am afraid of being called boastful (many people consider a person that speaks English as a booster). The type of teaching mythdology which was app applied in the previous time is also another factor and because of this student were not active participants.

To over come my speaking difficulty I have started practicing various activates. Fore instance, when ever I meet my intimate friends, I use only English. I some times tell to my friends some short stores.

In general, I do have a bright future of using English for communicative purposes effectively. I am trying as much as I can to use the language very well.
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