“the Difficulties in Learning Listening Skill of Non-English Major Learners at University of Industry and How to Deal with These Difficulties”.

Topics: English language, Phonology, Language acquisition Pages: 13 (4314 words) Published: March 7, 2013

1.1. Listening Skill:
Many language learners consider listening ability the measure of knowing a language. As for them, fluency is the ability to converse with others much more than the ability to read, write or comprehend oral language. They regard listening as the most important skill they can acquire. Therefore, if learners do not learn how to listen or do not get any opportunities to listening in the language classroom, they may soon get de-motivated and lose interest in learning other skills.

1.2. Concepts of Listening:
According to Howatt and Dakin (1974), listening is the ability to identify and understand what others saying. This process involves understanding a speaker’s accent or pronunciation, the speaker’s grammar and vocabulary, and comprehension of meaning. Woven and Coakley (1985) hold the different idea. They see listening as "the process of receiving, attending to and assigning meaning to aural stimuli". This definition indicates that listening is a complex process which students have to deal with. The task of listening is not only perception of sound, but it also requires comprehension of meaning. According to Bulletin (1952) in Naizhao Guo’s journal , listening is one of the fundamental language skills. It's a medium through which children, young people and adults gain a large portion of their education-their information, their understanding of the world and of human affairs, their ideals, sense of values, and their appreciation. In the day of mass communication (much of it oral), "it is of vital importance that our pupils be taught to listen effectively and critically" he says. Listening is also believed to be a key and essential area of the development in a native language and in a second or foreign language as well. Hence, there have been varieties of definitions of listening. Bentley & Bacon (1996) state that listening, an important part of the second language learning process has also been defined as an active process during which the listener constructs meaning from oral input.

1.3. The Importance of Listening Skill in Language Teaching and Learning: The importance of listening in second and foreign language learning is admirably summarized in a recent publication by Rost (1994) “listening is vital in the language classroom because it provides input for the learners. Without understanding input at the right level, any learning simply cannot begin”. For English learners, listening is vital because through this sense that they receive information on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, spoken, word order, as well as the stress patterns of words, phrases and sentences. Brett (1997: 39) also states that "listening is a key language skill. It has a vital role in the language acquisition process". In comparison with other language skills, some researches on listening suggests that on average people can expect to listen "twice as much as we speak, four times more than what we read and five times more than we usually write" (Morley, 2001). The importance of listening also acknowledged by Brown (2001:247) who states that the listening is the major component in language teaching and learning, because in classroom, learners do more listening than speaking. Listening as the completion of communication. It means that someone will be difficult to communicate without listening. Therefore, being an essential skill for almost interaction, listening is the most primary medium for input in language learning process and by speeding up the students' ability to perceive speech, the amount of input they get will increase and thus aid students' language acquisition. (Rost, 2002:3)

Through the process of English learning, classroom observation and practice teaching in FFL at HUI, I have recognized that there are many difficulties faced by the...
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