Interaction with American Culture

Topics: English language, Second language Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Interaction with American culture
When I came to the USA, I thought life would be easier than what I found out. I thought that living in the U.S would be easy and interesting. I thought that speaking English would be familiar to me because I learned English in my country at school, but to speak the language was very far from what I learned, and it became a big problem for me. At first, I had a problem in distinguish words during the conversation with native speakers. I had to ask them to repeat themselves for many time till I got it. In addition, I was using many words from my native language during the conversation unintentionally. Second I could not find a job because no one accepted to hire non English speaker. I even couldn’t watch TV or listen to the radio. My lack of English made my life a lot harder that`s why I decided to enroll in the college and learning English. After I enrolled in the class, I tried my best to study hard. I spent two hours daily in the library preparing my lessons, studying new vocabularies, and doing my homework. I tried to read a book, but it was really hard for me because I had to read each paragraph many time to understand it. I spent over two weeks to finish the first chapter. After a while, I started noticing a great improvement in my listening. I started to distinguish words around me during the various conversations. I even noticed a great improvement in my reading skills. I started to enjoy reading book, and I easily found the main ideas of the reading. All my family and friends have noticed that I became more fluent and confident which made them to ask for my help. Learning these new language skills has made my life much easier and opened many doors for new carrier’s potential. In addition, I have noticed that throughout this class I became less shy in the social situation especially that I have made many new friendships with English speakers, helped me to understand the culture, and made me able to watch the...
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