Socialized Medicine and Why It Is Wrong for America

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 4 (1108 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Socialized Medicine and Why It Is Wrong for America

If we were to socialize medicine it would give the government control over our healthcare system, and ultimately this will result in raised taxes, longer wait times, and a decrease in the quality of care given. It will create no competition within our health care system that currently enables us to access the best quality of care in the world. Socializing medicine will also cost money, and with the state that the US economy is currently in, it will not be a good idea to add billions of dollars to the deficit. Raised Taxes

Free health care isn’t really free, because the government has to pay for it somehow. Americans will end up paying more in taxes, and many Americans don’t feel comfortable paying for the health care of someone who doesn’t work at all. The government health care system is already in bad financial shape, and many of the state’s Medicaid and Medicare systems are loosing money. Our government promised to provide medical care for people who have reached retirement, and frequently seniors still have to pay out of pocket to receive care. These people have paid money out of their paycheck their whole lives for a program that may not even last. “Medicare is financed via a giant Ponzi scheme that is doomed to collapse, dependent citizens cling to the notion that medical care is a right. The so-called social contract between generations is in reality an inter-generational socialist scam. Yet, in a plea for magical thinking, dependent citizens have been led to believe that somehow enough savings can be found in a program facing insolvency to finance medical care for millions of uninsured citizens” (Huntoon, 2009). No competition

Countries that have socialized medicine like Canada or England, the health care workers are employees of the government. Government workers have fewer incentives, set hourly schedules, and fewer promotional opportunities. In the private sector, workers can...
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