Should Health Care Be Mandatory

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Should Health Care Be Mandatory?
The Pros and Cons

Nichole Dailey
Introductions to Computers
Mrs. Hopple
January 10, 2011

There are many good benefits of having mandatory health care. The most beneficial fact that the new health care reform bill will offer is that pre-existing conditions will now be banned and abolished among health insurance contracts. It will also be beneficial to drug and biotech companies since they will have millions more insured people who will be able afford their medications. Also Parents with children who are young adults will get beneficial health insurance coverage from their parents until the age of 27, instead of ceasing at the age of 18. There are also many negatives for having mandatory health care, for example, the new Health Care Reform Bill will promise millions of poor Americans health insurance, while the rich and the middle class Americans will be affected. It’s going bring a significant increase in Medicare taxes for Americans that work. Another fact is that a young healthy individual who maintains a healthy lifestyle by proper diet and exercise and who wants to pay for health insurance will have to pay for the same premium rates that not only covers them but also for the people that live poor life styles. This would include people who are drug abusers, alcoholics and who are obese. As history has proven federally ran institutions, examples Medicare and Social Security, continue to grow gobbling more and more of our taxes and from a business stand point they are very poorly managed. In Conclusion with our current deficit of fourteen trillion dollars as a country we cannot last through another federal program. It’s hard for me to support a program that continues to have so many negative issues. The only thing we can do is voice our opinions and support better for reform.

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