A Republican View on Health Care

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, Supply and demand Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: January 22, 2013
A Republican view on health care
Government run health care is the first step towards a situation in which the government controls the citizen’s lives. It is this governmental control that must be reduced. Instead, it is time to give the individual his freedom back and let him decide his own health care option. The individual’s right to freedom is inalienable and deeply anchored in the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. However, if the state has the control over the citizen’s health care choices, the individual’s freedom is severely restricted. Government run health care does not encourage the competitiveness, creates higher taxes and limits the people’s freedom, by undermining their right to choose their own health care options. A government run health care program would create a need for higher taxes which will leave the citizen with less money. The government is not the proper agency to determine how people should spend their money. It is therefore an intervention in the citizen’s economy, restricting the freedom of the individual. As long as the government decides what the individual should spend money on, the individual is not free. This policy is somewhat paradoxical since freedom is an inviolable core value in America. It is in violation with the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Higher taxes would also mean that those who are successful and most profitable in society would be penalized and thus have less money for investment. This tax burden will reduce the productivity in the society and create higher unemployment and misery. Government run healthcare will eliminate the individual’s free choice. The individual deserves to have the opportunity to choose between different healthcare insurances and decide which solution suits him the best. Therefore, it is an infringement on the citizen’s freedom. The US Constitution was founded on principles that minimize federal interference in the citizen’s economy and...
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