Government and Health Care Reform

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  • Published : December 2, 2010
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Government and Health Care Reform

Most people believe that Obama’s health care reform plan is about getting health care for everyone in America and making the health care system better for everyone. When everyone hears about health care reform and everyone thinks about the advantages and disadvantages to the issue. Through the research that has been done about this subject, there are more disadvantages to the issue than what everyone thinks. Some people are in favor of Obama’s health care reform plan because its intention is to bring health care benefits to those who currently cannot afford insurance. Other people may be opposed to the health care reform plan because they believe that the involvement by the government in health care will give the government too much power and will put a financial burden on taxpayers. There are too many flaws in Obama’s health care reform plan for it to be passed.

Obama’s health care reform plan puts too much power into the hands of the government. By letting the government have power over our health care, Americans run the risk of our government choosing our treatments and benefits for us. An expert in an interview says,” There will be a government committee that will choose what treatments and benefits that you get and the people don’t have a choice in the matter” (Paul). The statement means that if the bill gets approved then the government and the health committee will choose our health care benefits for us. Also this means that our coverage and the amount of care will be chosen for us too and the people don’t get a choice at all. If the government ever gets to take control of the treatments and procedures, then America’s health care would be poor care because of the inflexible doctors and professionals. The government would have control over our treatments and would be mandated and no one would have a choice. One expert writes that,” Government-mandated procedures will likely reduce doctor flexibility and lead to poor...
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