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Terrell Corprew
Sonya Mott Young
Free Health Care In America
The United States of America is one of the most advanced countries in our society today. We have some of the best medical facilities and doctors that devote every minute of their lives to assist those who need it. Health care in America has lost the main sight in our society it has been corrupted and influenced to be driven by money. This in turn has made the lives of those less fortunate harder because they can’t afford the help. I think health care should be free to everyone in the United States it would benefit our society immediately by creating a surplus in currency and cut the nation debt, save millions of lives, and cure those with disease or illness.

With A free health care plan there would create a surplus in currency. Doing this could help to fund plenty of other important aspects in our society for instance the money could help fund education around the country by providing books, computers, and even fund the pay checks of new teachers. With a surplus in currency we can also cut the national debt immediately which would also give more money to social security and grants for schools. This would also benefit those who are aspiring to have their own businesses because their insurance will not be affected. With less focus on health care cost we can protect our nation by advancing the study of weapons and home defense. This would make a stronger, safer, and cleaner society to live in and cut crime to minimal numbers. Do you know anyone with a disability that can be fixed but has not because the person can’t afford the help? This is one of the many reasons why America should make healthcare free for everyone. Every year to many individuals face catastrophic injuries that can be assisted but because of their financial situation they cannot get the help they desire. With free health care we can assure that every individual that is treatable gets the proper treatment and...
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