Social Recruiting

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Masters in Business Administration (MBA)


Technology and social media have completely transformed the traditional recruitment and selection processes, while have led to decreased costs for the company and increased efficiency for the HR managers. Below we will examine the changes that have been made to the basic functions of the mentioned processes due to the technological change. - Revamping in attracting applicants

The traditional time consuming methods of attracting new employees were the advertisements in newspapers and notice boards, via recruitment agencies, college placement offices, executive search firms, job centers and so forth. Today with online recruitment (through company’s website or websites of companies that specialize in that (Cariera,Indeed,etc)) and with social recruiting, HR specialist can target a wide population of applicants and search for the appropriate candidate without spending much money or time. Social media offer a better bounce rate, higher quality and lower cost per reach comparing to other recruitment methods (Mattern,etc,2012). In addition, manager who uses social networking can attract passive job candidates who might not otherwise apply. -Revamping in accessing and managing applicant’s information. With Human Resource Information System (HRIS) applicant tracking is easier than ever for the recruiter. With the use of relational database he can find quickly employees with specific characteristics/skills/experience etc. “This system is far more sophisticated than the old-fashioned method of filing employee data by name, with one file per employee”(Noe,etc,2011,p.506). With Applicant Tracking System (ATS), documents, resumes and information are stored in one location. Data can be collected from internal applications via the ATS front-end from company’s website or can be extracted from applicants on job boards and be stored in one database, where recruiter can very easily view and track information. Moreover, most ATSs have the ability to perform keyword searches, so hiring managers “can scan documents to find the most eligible applicants.” -Revamping in short-listing/Optimize size of applicants at a manageable extent Today short-listing does not need so much time. As we explain above with the implementation of ATP, HRIS and HRMS software, it is easier than ever for the manager to make the selection. Moreover, through social media, recruiter can have access to candidate’s profiles and see, before moving to the next step of the interview, if candidate will be a good fit for the provided job. - Revamping in communicating information regarding company.

Applicants can find the information they need about the company, its goals, its philosophy and culture, as well as its recruitment process, directly from company’s website, instead of the obsolete method of contacting company’s office or employees for asking. With the proliferation of information, candidates know what company can offer them a long before they go and work for it. - Revamping in testing procedures

New Psychometric tests which measure knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality, can test better the compatibility of candidate to the job position. Also, new software offer online testing services, conduct the tests, manage the results and send the reports to the hiring manager. -Revamping in interviewing

Interviewing people face-to-face it seems that will be an outdated method. Modern technology, like recruiting dashboards, allows HR personnel “to review video interviews and decide on an ROI quickly” . Moreover, companies reduce the travel and administrative costs of face-to-face interviews, using web (Skype, Msn) in order to interview the candidates. -Revamping in candidates’ evaluation and in decision-making process. Final selection was always a difficult decision for the HR manager. With an expert system designed to recommend the same...
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