E- Recruitment Practice: Pros vs. Cons

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The traditional method of recruitment has been revolutionized by the emergence of the Internet. In the past few years, the Internet has dramatically changed the face of HR recruitment and the ways organizations think about the recruiting function. In the coming years, digital recruiting and hiring are expected to continue their explosive growth. Presently, e- recruitment has been adopted in many organizations either from large organizations to small size companies, even in Malaysia. Most organizations are already using e-recruitment to post jobs and accept resumes on the Internet, and correspond with the applicants by e-mail. It brings the benefits to the organizations. In this article, there will be an introduction on e-government and e-recruitment and its practice by government agencies in Malaysia. There will also be a discussion on the pros and cons of e-recruitment practice broadly taken from literatures. Keywords: e-recruitment, e-government, recruitment methods


In Malaysia, e-recruitment is one of the electronic services (e-services) applications, which is the fifth pilot project of e-government flagship application. As Malaysia moves towards achieving K-Society by the year 2020, e-recruitment instead is in line with E-World expectation where the primary goal of National IT Agenda (NITA) is to migrate all Malaysians and institutions into the E-World for the new millennium. The five thrust areas of E-World comprise of K-Economy, K-Community, K-Learning, K-Public Ser vices and K-Sovereignty. E-recruitment is part of the e-services applications offered by the government of Malaysia. E-Government is a large component of K-Public Services which basically is about the opportunity to transform a public sector organization’s commitment in order to function as citizen-centric. The Electronic Government (e-government) initiative was launched in Malaysia as the first step into the Information Age by National IT Agenda (NITA). E-government was one of the seven innovative Flagship Applications. It was aimed to improve the government internal operations and also service deliveries towards Malaysians. E-government by definition is a multimedia networked paperless administration linking government agencies within Putrajaya with government centres around the country to facilitate a collaborative government environment and efficient service to businesses and citizens (Afrika-Asia, 2002). The objectives of the e-government are to offer efficient, high quality on-line services to citizens and businesses, streamline government’s processes to improve quality of service, reduce costs and increase productivity, strengthen data security and protect data, increase citizen participation in government and to create good governance and transparency through effective communication and trace ability. The seven pilot projects of the Electronic Government Flagship Application are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Project Monitoring System (SPP II) Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) Generic Office Environment (GOE) Electronic Procurement (EP) Electronic Services (E-Services) Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX) E-Syariah


Relevant literatures from USA and UK have several definitions of online recruitment or better known as e-recruitment. Basically, e-recruitment refers to the use of the Internet to facilitate the recruitment process by advertising jobs or contact applicants electronically. It can be conducted by using an organization’s own Corporate Web Site or a Web-based job site. According to Schreyer...
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