Hrm Case

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Case Summary
Randstad, employment agency, has taken a distinct approach in staffing its personnel into partnership teams. Employees are partnered up into teams of two, typically one from Generation X and the other from Generation Y. The extreme age gap between team members has proved to be a success for the organization, because both individuals can learn from one another. Despite the fact that one team member may have more experience than the other, all members of the team are each other’s equal. The members’ tasks are constantly alternating, “each week one person is out making sales calls, and the other is in the office interviewing potential workers and handling paperwork” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, et al, 2010, p. 264). As a result, this team based of approach of staffing older experienced personnel with younger developing staff members has increased the organizations retention rate and productivity levels (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, et al, 2010).

1. Personnel selection decisions typically are based on the fit for one person for one job. In what way does Randstad’s use of partnership teams alter the typical way one might think about selection decisions? While other organizations are looking for particular characteristics in an individual for a single position, Randstad is looking for meticulous characteristics and qualities that are going to be complimentary with the other member. In addition, Randstad must also ensure that candidate has the proper qualities and skills to successfully complete the position’s tasks. Randstad has to look at the selection process as fitting two puzzle pieces together, finding the proper fit. Just because an individual is good for the position doesn’t mean that he or she will be a good pair with the member. The human resources staff must carefully find the proper “ying and yang” to each team that is set up.

2. What are some personal characteristics that might be viewed positively when staffing a single...
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