Bmhr5103 – Human Resource Management Assignment

Topics: Agile software development, Human resource management, Extreme Programming Pages: 11 (3614 words) Published: February 16, 2013

Question 1:How does Telerik attract high quality talent in a competitive market? Telerik is one of the famous software companies in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has known as a market leading provider of end to end solutions for application development, automated testing, agile project management, reporting and content management across all major Microsoft development platforms. Company head office was located in Sofia, Bulgaria where most of the software company developers were based. Telerik has still young but its development very impressive. After starting in 2002 with 5 peoples (4 co-founder and one another employee). The first one is Vassil Terziev who is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is responsible for overseeing Telerik’s strategic direction and enabling its rapid growth as a global provider of enterprise-class software and services. The second one is Svetozar Georgiev co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who has been instrumental in establishing the Telerik brand and growing the marketing and financial organizations within the company. The next one is Boyko Iaramov who is co-founder and plays a role as Chief Operations Officer. Boyko is in charge of establishing, evaluating and managing Telerik’s internal organization processes and resources and ensuring that they support the core processes and functions of the company in the most efficient manner. The last one is Hristo Kosev co-founder and Chief Technology Officer who is responsible for the evolution of the technical organization at Telerik and its never-ending quest for innovation and new products that serve unaddressed market needs. Until mid-2011, the company had dramatically developed with 360 employees in Bulgaria with an additional 70 employees in Australia, the United State, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. By the year 2012, Telerik was recognized as a leading vendor of a world wide range of software and application. Its product was used by over 100.000 organizations in 94 countries on over the world such as Nokia, Toyota, Reuters and Boeing. Beside that some of the world’s leading educational and non-profit organization including NASA, the World Bank and Harvard University also used Telerik’s product. Telerik was not only famous for its product, service but also for its organization design, especially in human resource management throughout Central and Eastern Europe. These things are the main factors to build the success of Telerik company. Nevertheless, I believe that the most important factor is Telerik’s human capital; the organization cannot succeed without its employees. Almost staff of Telerik company are the best who was recruited from many different sources. In modern society today, Telerik not only recruited employees from traditional source such as university or professional associations but also focused more on resources which attracted younger, computer-literate individuals such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and recruitment website. Nowadays, in fiercely competitive market, companies not only compete in producing excellent goods and services to provide for their customer. Beside that they also compete in human capital and the war in labor forces never end. Because employers understand that having good staffs is a key element to keep their business stabilize and develop. Therefore, in its human resource management strategy, Telerik only recruited individuals who had university degree, were influent in English and had applicable skills and knowledge. Beside that, in order to look for and recruit these employees has never ever an easy mission. However, Telerik has solved this problem by providing a good policy in order to attract talent come to company.

There are many things in a company which can attract employee such as company’s reputation, organizational management system, compensation,...
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