Social Networking and Its Impacts on the Youths.

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Olowu Modebola Anne
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Social Networking and its Impacts on the Youths.
Social networking is a modeled route, platform, site or an online process that focuses on the building, utilization and flexibility of social networks with relations among people who may share activities or similar interests. It occurs through a variety of websites and applications that allow users to share contents interact and expand their information boundaries. Social network proceedings essentially consist of a users profile, his/her social links and a variety of additional services. Most social networks are web based and impart means for users to interact over the internet. It is one of the familiar jinxes of our time that encompasses all that there is to know concerning our sociocommunication norms. It features sending and receiving of messages both E-mails and Instant messages, E –calls, sharing of ideas, events, activities, interests, spam’s, multimedia messages et al within our individual networks and service providers.

Social networking started formally in the year 1997 with the use of Electronic messages but became prominent in this part of the world 2003 with the web based yahoo messaging and other forms of Electronic messaging (E-mail) During the year 2005 new fast and user friendly social networking sites were created which brought about the existence of My space and Face book. The social networking sites and platforms such as Bebo, Face book, My Space, Yahoo Messenger, Windows live Messenger, 2go, Black berry messenger, Whats app, E-buddy, Nimbuzz and many other chatting sites or applications are all virtual places where people find themselves having fun and sharing information’s, friends of all epoch hook up and series of youth medias, market and peer-to-peer sociality come into play but which implicitly leads to their implications, little chat sites such as mini face book chats, eco chats, net chats et al are also major social networking arenas, while a lot...
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