Persuasive Speech : Social Networks

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Persuasive Speech : Social Networks

INTRODUCTION Nowdays, many existing social sites mediate worldwide. Among the popular website and the choice and the madness of all ages, especially teens are Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, and Myspace. Most social network services are web based and offers multiple ways of interaction between users, such as online chats, exchange messages, e-mail, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups, and so on.With the advent of social websites such as this, teenagers can connect or communicate quickly than before, the creation of information and communication technologies. Social networking service that focuses on the development and validation of an online social network to a community of shared interests and activities.

We will learning three advantage about social networks.
I.Types of social networks.
II.Advantage of the social networks.
III. The importance of social networks

( Transition :OK, let’s get started on the type of social networks )


Firstly, The main types of social networking services are contain category places social connections. Keeping in touch with friends and family members is one of the greatest benefits of social networking. Social Connections keeping in touch with friends and family members is one of the greatest benefits of social networking. The first type such as Facebook the most popular social media utility such as email,chatting,video call and others.Facebook also can provides a way for users to build connections and share information with people and organizations they choose to interact with online. Second types Twitter can Share and keep up with others via this real-time information network. The third types Google is relatively new entrant to the social connection marketplace is designed to allow users to build circles of contacts that they are able to interact with and that is...
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